Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oops and oops again.


Time to clean the desktop, perhaps?


Sebastián Moncho said...

El truco está en moverlo todo a "Mis documentos". Así puedes aguantar otro mes hasta que vuelvas a llenar la pantalla de iconos.

knickknacks said...

And I thought my desktop was messy..Haha!! ;)

Natalie said...

Wow, that's crazy!

Just out of curiosity, what language is your computer interface in? That would be a strange question to ask most people, but for someone as linguistic as you, I assume you've been tempted to change your computer's language sometimes?

As for me, I alternate between Russian and English, though I did have some fun with Polish once...

Zsuzsi said...

Seb: gracias, voy a hacer eso :)

knickknacks: I suppose it's ok as long as we can find everything we need :)

Natalie: my computers are basically in Swedish (well, Windows is), but somehow I have managed to download different programs and apps in different languages: firefox is in Finnish (but parts of the toolbar is in Russian), Open Office is in English and Picasa is in Polish :) It's just a mess.