Thursday, 30 December 2010

Old Year Ending With a Bang

As in enormous headache, that is. O un dolor de cabeza horripilante. It’s a great word that, horripilante. The best relationships are those, where the burden is shared. I and TT are sharing the flu: he got the fever and I’m stuck with the headache. And both of us are grumpy as few. Instead of analysing interesting government proposals, I have spent the day dreaming about odd things happening on a Dutch boat. I even spoke Dutch: question is- was it real, actual Dutch or "Zsuzsi Dutch" that nobody else would understand?

2010 might be ending with a bang, but then again, it feels like it’s been a really intensive year filled with different kinds of bangs. A year full of fantastic memories, people, experiences, decisions... There has been a great deal of sadness, but even that was marvellous. Sad moments, maybe more than the the good ones, remind us of the importance of living and being happy. I will keep all those memories in my heart.


 Being playful is one of the goals for 2011.

2011 then? There’s still not much structure when it comes to my goals and dreams, but if I close my eyes and let my mind wander freely there are a whole list of things that I’d like to do:
  • Travel to a new place. We have been discussing this with TT and maybe we’ll be visiting a certain European capital in April. Fingers crossed. And keep those fingers crossed even tighter for the possibility of us going to the certain neighbouring country of the certain capital to visit I, A & P. I’ll give you a hint:
Yes, Ivana. I want to come and visit YOU! ;)
  • Do the summer courses I mentioned in an earlier post.
  • Exercise as much as possible: because it feels so incredibly great afterwards.
  • Find an internship in a company specialising in something related to my studies. The ideal would be something that combines international relations, risk analysis and languages. 
  • Spend lots of time with my lovely friends. It’s slightly difficult because they are spread around Europe, but if there is a will…. there will be a way :)
  • Be more creative and also visit more exhibitions and other interesting events.
  • Run at least one longer race.
  • Talk more Polish, learn some Czech… try to finish my studies in Hungarian so that I can continue at a more advanced level in 2012. Also try to update my Russian.
  • Cook /and eat/ lots of exotic food.
  • Get to know some new people.
  • Be happy, optimistic and positive.
And last but not least I want to share some wise words with you (from the tea bag):
Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.


Riikka said...

i'm pretty sure that no one actually understands any dutch so you can speak as much zsuzsi dutch as you want! i'm not sure if it's even a real language... of humans at least.

have a light year 2011 :)

Zsuzsi said...

That's a very valid point, Riikka :)

I hope you'll have a very romantic and adventurous 2011 :)

Anonymous said...

С новым годом, Жужи :) Anytime you want to speak Russian, I'm ready.