Friday, 3 December 2010

Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, December

December it is, and unlike for most other people, this will be a busy month for me. In the next 27 days I will: take 3 exams and 3 quizzes, write two assignments, prepare for one seminar, go up north for a week, celebrate Christmas three times or maybe four, do some Christmas shopping, have at least one girls’ night, drag TT to a fascinating (according to me, not him) exhibition, visit the spa, go to the gym as much as I can (actually the thought of moving there hit me after seeing the new schedule: there is so much fun happening there right now) and work on New Year’s Eve.
Reading right now: metaphysics. Why?  Только Бог знает почему... and maybe our professors. Apparently it’s useful for making good decisions.
This Friday will be spent with Hungarian noun cases, more precisely the elative and the illative. Just add some Hungarian radio and the brainwashing will be almost complete.
The other day I had an extremely nerve-wracking experience: I had to visit the local whateverit’scalledinEnglish office (in other words, a government agency). The only way to calm my upset nerves was to take stupid and blurry pictures in the loo. Say hi to the guiri.   (apparently I so look like a foreigner)


knickknacks said...

Nice jacket and scarf! :)

Zsuzsi said...

Thanks... my wardrobe essential #1 and wardrobe essential #2. :)