Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hálás [Hun: thankful]

Sometimes it strikes me: the clarity that there is no other place in life where I’d rather be than right here and right now. I’ve been blessed with a slightly crazy, but absolutely adorable family. I’ve lived in different places, met fascinating, gorgeous people. Our paths might never cross again, but they will always be in my heart. Then there are those people who will always be in my life, even if they live far away. It’s such a relief to you know that even after not seeing each other for months or years, you can just walk into a coffee shop, order a latte or whatever and talk like you’ve never been apart. And then there are other things too: love, the possibility to go on a quest to fulfil goals and dreams. I come down with a flu about every three years, there’s the chance to study as much as my head can take. 

Having goals and aspirations is good, but it is equally important to take a good look around and appreciate all the fantastic people, opportunities and experiences that you have been given,

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