Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Exciting adventure: finding swede (rutabaga) in Spain

kalrot On Thursday we are organising a small pre-Christmas party for our closest friends, and since so many of us are foreigners (total: 4 Spaniards + 1 Swede + 1 Canadian + 1 Frenchman + moi, la finlandaise), the plan is that everyone will bring some typical dish from their countries. Since this grand event is taking place in my own house, I see this as the perfect opportunity to make myself lots of Finnish Christmas food (I doubt the others will be as excited about it, considering that Finland isn’t really famous for its fine cuisine). This in turn means that I’ll have to find some rather unusual ingredients for Spain, one of them being the rutabaga. I’ve seen it in the supermarkets, but usually it comes in packs with lots of other vegetables, which I really don’t need (I can just see myself carrying on 10 kg of root vegetables just so that I’ll have enough rutabagas for my humble needs).

The plan is to make a casserole which is a very typical dish in Finland at Christmas time, hopefully you will get to see the end result later. By the way, this root vegetable is also very tasty when mashed (like mashed potato without the potato) or in salads. Oh and it’s really delicious when eaten raw! :)



Satu said...

Tee heille imellettyä perunalaatikkoa (minun jouluni ehdoton ykkösherkku muuten). Siihen pitäisi olla helppoa löytää aineksiakin sieltä...

Mikä on sinun lempijouluruokasi?

Zsuzsi said...

Oma lempijouluruokani on juuri tuo lanttulaatikko rosollin ja lohen kanssa. Perunalaatikkoa voisi myöskin tarjota ja tehdä pakkaseen :)