Sunday, 19 December 2010


It feels so good to be back home again, the journey was very long, frustrating, cold and miserable. It started on Friday at 8 am, and I arrived in Valencia yesterday at 5.30 pm. Most of Friday was spent at the University (the photos below are from campus): and as always, it was great. There are some extremely interesting people in our class, and the subject isn’t too bad either. We were given a really interesting lecture on the psychological aspects of decision making by Peter Juslin, a professor specialized in cognitive psychology at the University of Uppsala.



Our lectures are always held at the same place as the classes in…


…Slavic languages. My heart breaks every single time. Seriously, one day I want to be “more involved” with that part of Europe. But until then, popular psychology in Russian will have to do.


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Sebastián Moncho said...

La leche... la foto del libro me ha matado.