Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Time To Pretend

When I’m 80 years old, I want to be fit enough to run a marathon.


Maybe that’s a good plan? Maybe… please, agree with me. Anyone? I did some pilates yesterday, and now I’m feeling like an old granny. After pilates. There probably isn’t any hope for me at all. However, I do think pilates is useful because in that session we do all the (boring*) moves that I avoid during strength training.


In line with my new improved diet, I also ate a pizza. It’s time to get serious since there are only 6 months until the beginning of June, which is the END date for my Beach-project.


Here’s a short list of measures to be taken to improve the likelihood of success for this project:


  • morning cardio (as soon as it starts getting light outside… let’s say February)
  • small and regular meals (doing that already, but there are some foods that should go)
  • quality over quantity in the workouts.
  • Increase amount of cardiovascular training – at least 45 mins/day.



The plan for this week looks like this:


Monday: power walking – 60 minutes (7,3 km/h with an incline between 4 and 7,5) + normal walking 30 minutes

Tuesday: pilates – 60 minutes

Wednesday: body combat + strength training (arms, shoulders, chest) – app. 2 hours

Thursday: yoga – 60 minutes + running 45 minutes

Friday: body pump – 60 minutes

Saturday: drinking glögg (mulled wine) + enjoying the Christmas market (-> lots of walking)

Sunday: pilates - 60 minutes + strength training (legs) – 45 minutes + running 45 minutes



Not completely happy with that plan, but it’ll have to do this time.




* Unfortunately, boring sometimes equals useful.



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