Friday, 11 November 2011

Time To Be Girlie

Tomorrow the company is arranging this year’s Christmas bash/50-year anniversary. It might be about time to start thinking what to wear, and – most importantly -, choose a hairstyle and make up. This is the fun, albeit difficult, part.

So, what are the requirements for a good party style?

  • it has to make you feel gorgeous.
  • Comfort is a plus. What’s the point in wearing high heels if one walks like a duck?
  • It has to be “easy” and long-lasting. Imagine being gorgeous when leaving the house, but looking like a troll in all the photos takes a couple of hours later. No thank you!


This project is somewhat complicated by the fact that my skin has decided to go crazy, I have a cold sore and my hair is unmanageable.


My dress is this colour – teal.

Shoes and ear rings are blue.

I wonder if adding a bit of red would mean there are too many colours in the mix.


The question remains: how to make my face look decent and the hair look amazing?

I’m a bit tempted by the 40s-style. Natural make-up with red lips. Not very difficult to do, and shouldn’t be too hard to maintain in a country where we shake hands instead of kissing people. The lipstick will probably smudge, though.

The hair is another story.

The most advanced thing I’ve ever done is a high pony tail and I don’t trust myself when it comes to being creative with hair. But curls would be nice, indeed.

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