Monday, 7 November 2011

La La

The reason I love challenges and projects and everything else of their kind is simple: the process of working toward a goal includes so many steps that provide me with new knowledge and new experiences. Besides – PLANNING IS FUN!


As I mentioned on Friday, I have been starting on a Beach 2012-project (feel free to join). Here’s the basic information about the project in question.


What: a project to improve my diet and overall fitness. Even though I consider myself to be of normal weight, I’d like to have a more toned body. The goal is therefore to try to get rid of some fat and add some muscle. I will follow up on my results by measuring my “critical” points.


Why: there are two main reasons for this project. One is curiosity – I want to see what is actually possible, the challenge is a turn-on. Besides, I’ve spent most of my life being chubby so the thought of being fit is sort of amazing! The second reason is more about opening my mind: I grew up in an environment where appearance had no importance. Caring about your looks was something stupid and superficial. Now, this project is about a lot more than just looks: it’s about experimenting with food, being active to stay healthy and so on, but let’s face it: anything with “beach” in it, ultimately focuses on appearance. I spend a lot of time thinking about non-superficial things, so maybe some superficiality will do me some good.


How: the “how” is the crucial part of any project. I’m going to stick to cottage cheese and run 10K a day. Just kidding. Being crazy about food is not an option because those things have a tendency to mess people up completely. So, for the food-part the plan is to a) eat home-made meals that are well-balanced; b) eat regularly, and c) limit the intake of empty calories and sugar.

Work outs will consist of 6+ sessions a week: 3x strength training, 3x cardio + any additional activity I’ll feel like doing (pilates, yoga, core training). When spring arrives (hopefully soon!) I will also add some morning cardio.


When: now.






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