Monday, 14 November 2011

Short Week Ahead

Monday, it’s Monday. Once again it’s Monday. I’m sitting in my corner at work, sneezing and being happy about the fact that this work week will be shorter than usual. On Friday I’ll be at the university again – it’s quite incredible that we only have a couple of meetings left, after which it’s time to write the dissertation and voilà… One part of my education will be over. Writing the dissertation is something I’m really looking forward to: it’s my chance to apply some very interesting tools and theories on a topic of my choice, a topic very close to my heart. Basically, my plan is to analyze the local immigration policy: the plan is to focus on how different risk perceptions are taken into account in the risk analysis and the risk communication at different levels of the policy process.

As I mentioned last week, we are now doing a module in personality psychology. It is very interesting and some of our assignments seem really interesting. Even though I’m really busy sometimes, I must admit that I’m really lucky to have this opportunity to study things that I find both interesting and important.


The plans for this short week are:


  • Visit the gym at least five times
  • Translate and summarise a Hungarian news article
  • Visit Stockholm and go to at least one coffee shop
  • Spend quality time with my mother
  • Read a couple of psychology articles + check if any of them could be used for my dissertation
  • Start digging into the academics of decision and risk analysis
  • Have fun!



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Satu said...

Taidettiin olla samassa paikassa (kaupungissa) samaan aikaan. Olisin laittanut tekstarin, mutta sinunkin nrosi oli jäänyt vanhaan puhelimeen :( Tuskin kuitenkaan kuljit Siljalla?