Friday, 4 November 2011

Interesting... (and some Beach 2012)

Seems like I’m not the only into* gym training in this house: the person whose desk I inherited left a huge bucket of protein powder hiding in a corner. Blueberry-vanilla flavour. Hmm.


My goal for this week was to go to the gym five times. When I get home at about 6.30 today I will have been there 4 times. Running, yoga, core and bodypump. Maybe I will be able to squeeze in a fifth time although tomorrow will be dedicated to people’s birthdays and on Sundays I will face the most dreadful exam ever – statistics. It’s going to be difficult, but failing is not an option.


I have slowly been starting a Beach 2012-project. As in most project management, planning is an important aspect. Thinking about and creating definitions for the objectives are essential parts as well.




  • What is it that I want to achieve? It’s important to be specific, to use smaller goals that will eventually work toward achieving the big goal.
  • What do these goals really mean? How do you define your goal. It’s easy to say that “I want to get fit”, but what does “fit” mean? Many common adjectives are far from objective, and I believe that we often use definitions created by other people – definitions that sometimes might not be ideal for ourselves.
  • Why are these goals important? The question here is why. Objectives can be fundamental, and they can be instrumental. Is the goal an end in itself or is it a tool to achieve something else altogether?
  • How am I going to achieve said goals? Planning is important. But more important still- doing.
  • What will I have to give up in order to achieve my goals, and really, is it worth it? Every time we decide to do something, we also take an (un)conscious decision not to do something else instead. It’s as easy as that. Being aware of this fact makes the journey toward accomplishing a goal a little less painful.



I will write more about both Beach 2012 and projects in general later.

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