Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Things I Want To Do Before 2012

I think I might be suffering from a mid-life crisis… like 15-20 years ahead of time. This crisis manifests itself in a crazy urge to a mad amount of things – all at once, preferably. And definitely before 2012 because I’ll be an old lady by then (hopefully a serene and sweet one, not a grumpy pants).

So… here are some things that I want to do during next week (but since I’m no superwoman, the actual deadline is set at 2012).

* Write an amazing essay about… drumrolls… decision theory and IR * visit the 2nd city of Norway + go jumping over fences in nearby villages  * get absolutely fit (experimenting turns me on) * take a Polish exam in Poland * take the DELE-exam (Spanish) * run a half-marathon * get creative in the kitchen * and more creative, in general * write more * dedicate more time to blogging * be a bit more cultural * laugh more and play more * grow some veggies and herbs.


Jessica said...

You can do it! I love reading about peoples goals and "Life Lists".

Sebastián Moncho said...

Jolín, eso son muchas cosas!! D:

Zsuzsi said...

Jess - I'm working on a life list (or actually I'm updating it), will post it here when it's ready.

Sebas - ya, por eso hay que empezar ahora mismo :)