Sunday, 17 April 2011


After a hectic (and sangria-fuelled) weekend, I am now relaxing in the sofa and trying to make some sense, and forming an opinion, of the following:


Finland elected a new parliament and government today – one of the interesting factors this year was the rise of the True Finns, a populist party that probably has made more sense to the average person than all those fancy academics who speak incomprehensive gibberish. Sad, but true. These are not the final results, but the list shows the dynamics of Finnish politics quite well: 4 big parties (three traditional ones and one newcomer), plus a few smaller parties who will make it into government. Once again we’ll see a coalition government – the question is: who will be in it? I know what I’d prefer, but with these stats, it doesn’t seem to be very likely. 


Jessica said...

Pass the sangria....politics sure is depressing.

Zsuzsi said...

Jess, you might very well be right about this one!