Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Quick Hello

The smell of Nivea sunscreen makes me want to go on a real holiday. That smell reminds me of the salty taste of Greek sea, the triple Long Island Ice Teas, the laughter, the dark nights, the souvlakis, the hot sun, the mountains, all the laughter, the feeling of adventure and the complete lack of sleep.

Sometimes it feels like I left my youth somewhere under an olive tree at the hellenic seaside. No need to mention that I want it back.


Chung (from said...

Terve/Szia/Czesc Zsuzsi (vai ehkä Sanna? ;-))

I came across a link to your blog via I've sent a message to you there looking for some advice on certain languages that you know but am unsure whether you have been notified automatically of that message. I would be most grateful for your feedback/response.


Zsuzsi said...

I tried to check that account but it's been so long and I have forgotten my login information. If you read this, please send your questions to susankaaa (a) yahoo dot co dot uk and I'll be more than happy to help you!