Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hans Morgenthau.

IR theory. Decision theory. Psychology. Sociology. Cognitive theories. Game theory. Rational Choice-theory. Polyheuristic theory. Realism. Neo-realism. Liberalism. Neo-liberalism. Constructivism. Marxism. And the list goes on.

National interest. Diplomacy. Hegemony. International conflict. Elections at home. Leadership style. Geopolitics. Propaganda. War. Media. Globalisation. Economics. Sanctions. Peer pressure. Human rights. Legitimacy.

And somewhere in there one has to find that one, specific decision problem.

But one thing is sure. It’s time to tiptoe down to the basement, attack all the junk and wipe all the dust off Politics Among Nations.

In the meantime:

IMG0012 IMG0013

Political Analysis and a huge cup of tea. Cheers!

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