Thursday, 4 November 2010

Zsuzsi's 7-week challenge: a little bit of work and a lot of play

Here it comes: the challenge that will keep me motivated and busy until Christmas. First, the motive is to introduce some routines into my life, as well as make some new discoveries.
In the next seven weeks, I challenge myself to the following (in no specific order):
  • Exercise "properly" at least 6 times a week: 3 x running and 3 x strength training or pilates. One of these should be interval training.
  • Go for a daily walk and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible.
  • Run for 90 minutes straight at least once.
  • Dedicate 20-30 minutes to self pampering everyday.
  • Discover new cuisines: try a new recipe (from a new country each time) once a week.
  • Read at least one book that makes me laugh out loud.
  • Go to the swimming pool at least once.
  • Avoid candy, including chocolate.
  • Visit a quiet place and just be.
  • Do 1000 jumps.
  • Create something...

Does anyone feel like joining this challenge? Or maybe do one of your own?

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