Sunday, 21 November 2010

Do I dare…?

…to apply for a job that would be just perfect and fit my education perfectly? And let’s not mention the salary. Anyone else would jump at the chance, I’m just getting paranoid and neurotic. What if they turn me down and I feel like the world’s greatest loser? What if I and my “fancy” education are not good enough?

Maybe I just should brew a couple of liters of coffee and start updating my CV.


Hmm, what to do?I don't know smile


knickknacks said...

Just do it! And if you don't get it, then be it. It's better than wondering about the what ifs. Good luck, girl! :)

yrkesskadad said...

Of course you do! Or you have to. Otherwise you may regret it.

Natalie said...

You definitely should apply for it! You never know until you try. :) May I ask where and what it is?

Zsuzsi said...

Thank you all for the support :)

Natalie, it's a position as an "EU specialist/assistant" (can't really come up with a better name than that) at the local government. Basically I have the degree but not the work experience, so we'll see how it goes.