Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Breaking News!

If you know Swedish and want to get a good laugh, you should read the article linked below. If you haven´t discovered that fascinating language just yet, I´ll tell you what the article is about anyway, because you just don´t want to miss this.

A driver was stopped by the police and had to pay a fine for... just wait for it... endangering traffic security. What did he do? He drove some extra laps in a roundabout. Oh, and he might have left some black marks in the asphalt as well.

Körde flera varv i rondellen - Ålandstidningen


knickknacks said...

Hmm..I'm sure he is in plenty of doo doo now!

Zsuzsi said...

yeah... poor guy. In any other place in the world this would not have happened :)