Thursday, 11 November 2010


Today is Thursday (in case you didn’t know), and this far I’ve exercised three times this week. Yesterday a certain John Stuart Mill seemed a lot more interesting than running in the dark. He’s one of my favourite philosophers, so it was definitely worth it.

Monday: tempo run (total: 40 minutes más o menos)
Tuesday: Bodypump + running (intervals: 21 minutes)
Thursday: Bodypump + running (intervals: 15 minutes)

And what else is going on? To tell you the truth, nothing much: uni, work, uni, uni, uni. I need to finish the assignment on normative ethics, write a short essay about tea in Hungarian, and start the next psychology module.

I’ve noticed that exercise really might combat the potential stress. Well, usually I’m cool as a cucumber anyway. Once a month I’ll have a semi-breakdown, but for the rest of the time I wouldn’t even notice the sky tumbling down on me. Getting out of the house and doing something is so much fun, though. I love the feeling of blood, sweat and... endorphins. And yeah, it clears the head too.

Now... misters Mill, Kant, Locke, Rawls, Nozick & co. are waiting!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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