Monday, 29 November 2010

Pyttipanna a la Zsuzsi

Pyttipanna is a traditional Scandinavian dish that that traditionally consists of leftovers: potatoes, meat, sausages and onion that are diced and then pan fried. Usually it is eaten with fried eggs, pickled gherkins and pickled beetroot. Nowadays you can find lots of variations, and today I made on of my own.
For this quick and delicious dish you’ll need:'
Root vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli. Boil until soft. (all these vegetables are not for this dish, the rest can be used for roasting).
Turkey breast (about 100 g.) and 100 g. of craterellus tubaeformis. Fry the turkey first, then add garlic, the mushrooms, soy sauce, paprika and some white pepper. Add the boiled vegetables.


Sebastián Moncho said...

Vengo de comer y ya me das hambre ¬¬

Zsuzsi said...

Lo siento mucho :)

Anonymous said...

Очень вкусно :)

yrkesskadad said...

Nice plates ;)

Zsuzsi said...

спасибо and tack! :)