Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Trips and Travels

This is so exciting! After a long period of stillness, I'm starting to get back to my gypsy-life. For now, I'm happy about it (that is, I haven't had time to grow bored of it yet!).
Next week I'm going to Austria for 1 (yes, ONE) day. There won't be much time for sightseeing but I believe the trip will be interesting in other ways.
In June I will most probably go to a rock festival to see Snow Patrol live. The funny thing is that  neither the person I'm going with (whom I met through this blog, by the way) nor I is/am interested in the festival per se, so we'll probably just see this one band and then do some sightseeing in the fields of Southern Ostrobothnia. (yes, you are allowed to check what and where that is on Wikipedia!)
What else? Yesterday I booked plane tickets for Bestie and me. We are going to Valencia in July. Yippie! The plan is very simple. Lie on the beach. Eat. Lie on the beach again. Try to avoid getting burnt.

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Minxy said...

You're going to miss the F1 race in Valencia by a couple of weeks! Wouldn't it be great to lie on the beach and tan AND watch the race all at the same time?!

That's my dream. :o)