Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bonjour Rudolph!

Today my nose is competing with Rudolph's red nose. It feels like the pollen is killing me, honestly. Last night I couldn't sleep because of having difficulties to breathe. Argh. Drama queen? Noo...
What's new under the sun? Not much. Except that there is a sun and it's shining oh so brightly these days. Tomorrow I'm planning on getting my bikini out and just sip on cold cava on the balcony. Weekend treat! 
Good news! I found a French course starting in the autumn. It's offered by the Open University and it's at level 3, which might be more or less suitable for me. This whole thing with French is turning into a huge problem. I want to speak it, I want to know it, I want to read it. But I don't know if I want to study it. Geez, the closest I've been to needing French was when I wanted to buy a red bull at Zürich Airport.
(There's a label in this blog called "The French Challenge" - wonder what that is? Must be something highly traumatic since I've forgotten all about it. Need to check that out) .

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