Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Book Challenge: Day 7

Day 07 – Most underrated book

This is difficult. What is an underrated a book? A book that didn't sell or a book nobody has read? Or is it a book that people didn't like although they should have? 
Well. I don't know if this book fits right here, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway because I think it's the kind of a book that should be translated into lots of languages because it's so extremely fascinating.

Den röda grevinnan: en europeisk historia (The Red Countess: A European History) tells the story of a young woman, Charlotte Hirdman, who lives in different parts of Europe before, during and after WWII. 
The book is a biography and the writer, Yvonne Hirdman, writes about her own mother. It's an attempt to understand a charming, talented and adventurous woman who, through her experiences, seems to end up in the kind of situations that the rest of us only read about in the history books. Born in Estonia (then the Russian Empire) Charlotte finally ends up in Sweden after having lived in Austria-Hungary, Germany and the Soviet Union. The places - politically, socially and historically diverse - are all part of Europe. Through Charlotte's journeys we get a glimpse of these differences that make up Europe. We also learn about the life of a woman: the period she lives in shapes her life to a great extent but she also faces such problems that are relevant today.
The writer is a university professor in history and she has used letters, photos, postcards, official documents and diaries to create this fascinating book about a woman  The book won the August Prize in 2010 in the non-fiction category

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