Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Je pense que je vais commencer à apprendre le français. Sérieusement.

So now, I said it. How I will have the time, I do not know. How long my energy will last, I do not know. French has been mentioned on this blog before. I studied it for six years, took the A-level exam (and passed with a good grade) and then promptly forgot all about it. Because French is hard, it doesn't like me. But I think I might need it. French, politics, international cooperation go hand in hand, ya know. Even though English has gained a more prominent role, knowing French might not be a bad thing.   

Is there anyone else wanting to learn French out there?


Natalie said...

I studied French for about five years. It was a long time ago (elementary school), so basically all I know are really random nouns. And I have pretty decent pronunciation, too. I have considered returning to French and I may be forced to when (if?) I go to grad school for my PhD. My field often requires a decent knowledge of French (and German, too!). I definitely think learning French is a good idea, but I find it to be an extremely difficult language!

Allie D said...

I have this conversation often with my husband. I want to learn French. I have so many books to help me study French. I have very many french language books to help me practice french. He thinks I should just pick up with Spanish because we're American and it makes more sense to know Spanish. I live closer to Canada than I do Florida dammit!