Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Maunderings

Sehr guten morgen! It’s Sunday, a day that I don’t particularly like but which has to be lived and survived anyway… it’s always too quiet, too Sunday-ish, if you know what I mean. Last night we went to a Moroccan Tea House for dinner and it was actually quite good: the food was mostly delicious, the wine (and also the tea) was flowing and the company was better than best. Prices were also OK and I liked the atmosphere of the place, but unfortunately I cannot tell you where it was because I simply have no idea. There was also going to be bellydance-show, but the music didn’t work so it got cancelled at the last minute. What a pity!

There’s something else that I’ve been wanting to write about, but I don’t know how to put that thought into words without sounding too harsh… Let’s try it anyway.

OK, I’m not a person that you could describe as moderate: at quite a young age I decided on a principle that I have been trying to live by ever since: “do what you love doing”. Now, life is not always a dance on roses, and of course there are times that I have to do things that I’d rather not do… BUT: 95% of the time I keep myself occupied with wonderful activities, which means that I like doing them a lot and well. (I also have a crazy need to constantly test my limits).

So, where does this lead us? I have some interests and passions that my friends do not share with me, and most of the time they probably think I’m going overboard, even if that really isn’t the case, because everything is always relative in life. 

And that upsets me! Situations where people divide the world into neat little boxes and judge everything according to their own level of moderation. I can understand that there are people who aren’t very passionate: they enjoy their lives without the need to test their limits or achieve something “great”. And that’s absolutely marvellous for them, but a little understanding from their side wouldn’t hurt.

Just let me do my thing without questioning whatever it is that I’m doing, or the way I’m doing it. Deal? Smile


Satu said...

Sopii! Jos vastavuoroisesti lupaat olla kritisoimatta tekemisiäni (tai tekemättä jättämisiäni :P ).

Googlover/keishua said...

I hear you. I often wonder why people want to put each other in boxes. I think passion is a beautiful thing.It gives life a pulse.
I think we just gotta dance to our tune and if it shocks others turn it up an keep going.

Zsuzsi said...

Satu: sovittu!

Googlover/keishua: right you are! Have a good week :)