Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cосредоточить внимание на хорошие вещи в жизни!

That is Russian for “to focus on the good things in life”.

There are days that I must force myself to be happy, to avoid falling into that dark pit that is staring at me with its wild eyes.

Lately I have been feeling a bit blä, dissatisfied, disappointed, bored. Now I’m asking myself the essential question: why? After all, negative feelings do have a purpose – to improve your situation SmileAnyway, I know myself, and I know that days like these I just need a big cup of coffee and time to think and be on my own.

So. I’m a bit disappointed with the system. Politicians are infuriating me at the moment, and so is the complete lack of security in contemporary society. Or actually, society itself seems to be going in the wrong direction. The option? To jump on the barricades and start a revolt? Probably not. However, I do believe in the possibility to find alternatives. Life doesn’t have to look the same for everyone.


I don’t believe in boredom: in my opinion it’s a feeling that we use substitute other negative (and maybe more difficult) feelings. When I figure out what those are, boredom will be extinguished. That’s the plan anyway.  The driving force behind all negative feelings is probably fear: fear of dedicating my life to things that I love and then fail, fear of becoming what I despise, fear of losing myself.

I have also been thinking about serious questions lately, about life and passions, dreams and hopes. By adding some of the things that I love to do in my life, I’m hoping to increase the overall satisfaction. One of the things I’ve been missing in my life is Russian, as well as other Slavic languages  It’s odd how some completely random things can make you happy, and thus be considered “the good things in life”.  So, I added yet another “Life Resolution” – to dedicate more time to studying Slavic languages. Russian is by far the most useful, and I think it’s a huge advantage to know it, but Polish is just as important to me personally. I also keep talking about learning Czech, but as everyone knows, it’s more of a passive learning-thing. My Czech friends keep sending me music and films, so maybe I’ll surprise them one day Smile 

Another interest, hobby, passion on the rise… I don’t really know how to classify it, is some kind of mix of politics and sociology. Actually, “on the rise” might be the wrong expression, since I’ve spent most of my academic “career” on international politics and I loved it, but this time it feels different.

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knickknacks said...

Strangely, I've been feeling this way too since I return from SG. A kind of boredom/ lost in focus I can't explain. Hopefully, we will both snap out of it soon! :)