Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cамый последний день октября

Hi! Today is the last day of October and the autumn is here, bringing us a lot of sunshine and fresh breezes, I’m sitting here under a few blankets, sipping on hot nettle tea.

This morning I ran my first race. Kind of. Actually it’s the second, by the first one (a couple of years ago in Madrid) doesn’t count because it was an impulsive thing. I didn’t feel completely on top today, so I decided to jog/run at my own pace, and see where it would get me. My legs were absolutely not with me on this one, and I always forget to breathe when I’m doing sports, so it was an exhausted but happy Zsuzsi that crossed the finishing line.

The race took place in a nearby town, the atmosphere was great and participating was free. It was totally 8 km and completely flat, so it was definitely a good way to start for newbies like me ;) The weather was also perfect: a little bit windy, but sunny.

I definitely want to run more races, it was a lot of fun, but there are some things I could do better. I’ll enjoy this feeling for a while before starting to plan future adventures and challenges.

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knickknacks said...

It's nice to have a reason to get out there and exercise! I'm starting to get really lazy in this weather!