Monday, 11 October 2010

Give me time!

When I have a moment to spare, I would like to turn our extra bedroom into a study room. The room isn’t very big, it’s got some furniture (wardrobe, bed and table + a lot of junk) but not much more, and it’s not a very comfortable place to be in. Actually I prefer to work from the living room sofa, or even worse, my bed. The point is: I want a place where I feel inspired and effective.

So, the question is: what could I do to make the room nicer and cosier? Firstly, I’m thinking of a colourful rug to give the room some colour. Strong colours such as dark pink or dark blue could be ok, since the rest of the room is white.

Secondly, a couple of shelves are a must. Plain and basic is fine, but the shocking amount of books and papers needs to be hidden somewhere. A ladder bookcase would be perfect, and oh so pretty. A small table for tea could give a nice touch.

I also want a big inspiration board for ideas, thoughts and pictures, as well as a blackboard for creative moments.

We’ll see how this goes: I will definitely keep you updated. 


knickknacks said...

It's always fun to decorate a home! Looking forward to seeing some pics soon! :)

Zsuzsi said...

Will do my best :)