Saturday, 2 October 2010

Jee, let’s go running!

I’ve done some digging online, and found a running program at Runner’s World that might be useful for my 8K. My goal for the race is mainly to... survive (but it would also be nice to get under 50 minutes).

The first week of the plan (4 weeks in total) looks like this:

4 km warm-up, then 6 x 600m or 2 mins, with 400m or 2-3 min jog recoveries, then 4km cool-down

Wednesday: 10 km easy, inc 8 - 10 x 100m strides

Thursday: 5-7 km fast but controlled

Saturday: 10 km easy, inc hills

Sunday: 10-11 km easy


Additionally I want to do two sessions of pilates and two sessions of strength training (upper body + lower body)... this is actually exciting, all I need to do now is get organised and put this in my calendar.


yrkesskadad said...

Omg! That sounds hard. But you can do it! Good luck!

Zsuzsi said...

yrkesskadad; Thanks... I'll probably need it :)