Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Finally! I’ve swapped my energy drink-addiction for a coffee addiction. Good or bad? Well. If I drink one or two cups of coffee a day instead of one Red Bull, I’ll be able to pay for my gym membership with the money I save. I kid you not. One Red Bull a day totals 36 euro a month, and I’m paying 38 euro for the gym. Incredible.

Yes. I joined the gym. Don’t know what to tell you about it since I’ve gone only once. Today. A guy in a green t-shirt named Quique showed me around and got a bit touchy-feely. Mind you, I’m an icy woman from the Cold, Cold North so I prefer to maintain a certain degree of personal space (i.e. anyone who invades that space is automatically touchy-feely): I don’t think he touched me any more than he would touch any other unknown person, but I found the situation rather odd.

Anyhow, we did legs. And we ran: well, I ran and he watched. And on telly they had an interesting discussion in Valencian about breast feeding, so I got to watch a lot of naked boobs while trying not to fall off the machine. How tremendously exciting. And tonight I’m going for a run (hopefully without anyone watching), so tomorrow my legs will probably be completely dead. If you’re in Valencia and see someone walking like a limping duck, you can come and shout hi!


Natalie said...

Is Valencian the same as Catalan?

Zsuzsi said...

Natalie: this is controversial- some people claim that Valencian and Catalan are dialects of the same language, others say that they are separate languages. There are differences, but the languages/dialects are very similar and mutually intelligible.

Natalie said...

Very interesting... thanks for clarifying. Whether they're separate languages or not, I'm sure you speak them almost perfectly :)