Thursday, 7 October 2010

Efficient Thursday.

Today I’m quite satisfied with everything I’ve managed to do: almost get killed in the gym, do a lot of laundry, work for a few hours, spend a few hours in the fascinating world of Hungarian possessive pronouns. Now I’m  going to do the dishes, tidy up a bit and cook lentil soup. And then I might finish the book we are reading for Risk Analysis. In the meantime I just might listen to Fringe in Hungarian for some brainwashing. Yup, yup. That sounds like a good plans.

The gym was great again. Today I was "taken care of" by another person, and he was really nice. Touched me less than the other one, and talked more. Apparently he had recently moved here, and one of his best friends was Finnish. (that’s odd, wherever you go, you always meet someone whose best friend is Finnish, we’re everywhere, conquering the world so WATCH OUT!). And yeah, the exercise (lots of cardio intervals) was quite effective too, I almost threw up at the end.

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