Thursday, 12 August 2010


And the good day continues: the wardrobe is now all nice and tidy, and I also got some moral support while organising it. She gave me some strange looks while I was attacking the wardrobe, but gave up quite quickly and went back to sleep.
And some random thoughts:
  • Swedish people are impressively effective and friendly. I sent an e-mail about uni registration today, asking for some advice. Twenty minutes later the person replied, saying that they had solved the problem for me.
  • Ukrainian must be one of the coolest languages on earth (after Hungarian, of course). It’s sounds like a mix of Polish and Russian, and that’s just HOT. I think I’m in love. Again.  
  • Yesterday I did one of the most awesome things in a long time: running on the beach. I’d definitely recommend that to anyone who has the sea or a lake nearby. Running in the sand is a real workout, whereas running in the water is probably the best kind of relaxation ever. 
  • Ekho Moskvy (The Echo of Moscow) is a great radio station for everyone who is either learning Russian or interested in Russian politics and society. It’s one of the few "free" media in a country where the government has a tendency to seek full control of everything and everyone. Transcripts for all their shows are available on the website, which is perfect for language learners. 
  • Oh, please do send your guesses about the battery map in the previous post before Sunday :)


PorkStar said...

When I was in Hungary last year I found the language to be quite difficult. I had to buy a laptop there after mine was stolen and i still havent gotten used to the weird keyboard.

Zsuzsi said...

Oh, how annoying having your laptop stolen abroad! Yeah, the language is complicated to say the least, but that's what makes it so wonderful :)