Sunday, 15 August 2010

C’est l’amour!

Yesterday I took a little trip to the book store to look for something nice to read.It turned out to be a most fruitful journey. Unfortunately. Fnac had almost all the books in the Penguin Central European Classics collection. Meaning that I had a great moment of indecisiveness. Which one to choose when you have about 6-7 central European novels at hand, all of which seem extremely promising. At the end I settled for Life is a Dream, a collection of short stories by Hungarian writer Gyula Krúdy:
Life is a Dream (1931) is Gyula Krudy's magical collection of ten short stories. Creating a world where editors shoot themselves after a hard day's brunching, men attend duels incognito and lovers fall out over salad dressing, Life is a Dream is a comic, nostalgic, romantic and erotic glimpse into the Hungary of the early twentieth century. Focussing on the poor and dispossessed, these tales of love, food, death and sex are ironic and wise about the human condition and the futility of life, and display fully Krudy's wit and mastery of the form.,,9780141193038,00.html
The next time, however, I’ll buy the books online, it'll be cheaper that way.


knickknacks said...

Am looking for a good read so do let me know if da book is good!
Pretty strong tea you have there - 2 teabags! ;)

Zsuzsi said...

I'll let you know :)
Heh, the tea wasn't really strong, considering that the mug is HUGE!