Tuesday, 10 August 2010

One day in the life of Zsuzsi Seppovna

Yes. Her life is slightly easier than that of poor Ivan Denisovich.
9.30: time to wake up and have breakfast, which today consists of mango, melon and... chocolate ice cream (just a spoon or two, though). Breakfast + a huge cup of tea is enjoyed in front of the laptop while checking mail, blogs, news and so forth. 
This is also the perfect time to squeeze in some reading.
10.30-11.45: work.
12.00-12.30: skipping and strength training with a resistance band.
DSCN3617 DSCN3618
12.30-13.00: philosophising in the shower. Snack time: more melon + 1 finn crisp with a couple of slices of salchichón.
13.20-14.50: a long walk in the sun, while planning tonight’s quiz.
15.00: making lunch with leads to complete chaos in the kitchen. Eating the lunch after saving it from the evil smoothie maker. Lunch: a smoothie made with frozen raspberries, sparkling water, 20g vanilla protein powder and lots of cinnamon.
15.30-16.00: cleaning the kitchen and also tidying up in the bedroom.
16.00-17.00 FREE TIME: blogging, attempt to make a running schedule, browsing amazon.co.uk, getting nervous about uni. 
17.00-20.00: work
Rest of the evening: series, dinner and a long and relaxing bath.


knickknacks said...

"philosophising in the shower" lol
Sounds like something my husband would do!

Zsuzsi said...

Heh, good to hear that there is someone else (who might be) doing that too...