Friday, 13 August 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I’m a lucky person? (knock on wood). Today is a rainy, chilly day (wohoo, autumn is arriving): and how do people usually like spending their rainy, chilly days? Under a blanket, listening to good radio while drinking hot tea. Does that sound tempting?


Well, I’m lucky because I can do just that. While I’m working. And it’s ok. Nobody is shouting at me, all the people I’m working with are friendly. And I choose how loud the music is going to be.


By the way: if you could spend 500 quid (euros) on anything electrical, what would you buy?


Friday the 13th

Food: Mexican

Drink: Aloe Vera-tea with loads of lemon.

Music: Ukrainian Kiss FM playing lovely trance <3

Feeling: sleepy but satisfied.

Activity: work and laundry. Watching the rain and talking to the dog.

Plan: to drink wine and philosophise with friends.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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