Saturday, 13 March 2010

Smörgåstårta [Sandwich Cake]

Once a month I hate being a woman, and today is exactly that day. I even googled for famous quotes, but nobody had anything wise to say about menstruation cramps. Well, I tell you, there is nothing fun about having your hips cut up from the inside. Because that's what it feels like. And you can add back pains, headache, freezing and general weakness. It's torture.

Anyhow. The answer (to any problem, really) is simple: good food, preferably as unhealthy as possible. Please see below for instructions.

Boiled eggs and butter

 Liver paté, tomato, pickle and some more butter

Mayo, tomato, cucumber and cured ham

White bread (you can forget the fibre and all the other good stuff)


Add more mayo, shrmps/prawns, fruit & veg. Eat and enjoy!

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