Thursday, 11 March 2010




* Valencia: I am quite convinced that Valencia is the perfect city: not only does it offer a lot of sunshine, there are also beaches, palm trees, nice people, orange trees, and usually it’s warm!

* Barcelona vs. Helsinki. Not sure which one to pick.

* Athens: I have been to Athens twice, the first time it was incredibly hot and the second time it was freaking cold (December). Wanna go again soon to visit old friends!

* Moscow: huge, noisy and incredibly beautiful.

* Hungarian countryside: whenever I hear dance music I remember sitting in a car, somewhere on the Hungarian puszta and listening to.. well, dance music while the sun is shining. Freedom!



* Fyodor Dostoevsky

* Milan Kundera

* Albert Camus

* Alexander Blok

* Haruki Murakami


Things to shop

* Books: one can never own too many books. Unfotunately life tends to get complicated when those books need to be.. all around Europe.

* Shoes: a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.

* Tea: the plan is to try all the teas out there :)

* Lingerie: just like sheoes, the right kind of lingerie can save the day and make a girl feel ready to conquer the world.

* Make-up: because it’s fun.



* Any kind of tea except black. Tea has a lot of health benefits, there’s a flavour for everyone and it can be drunk either hot or cold. Perfect.

* Cappuccino: nam nam.

* Energy drink w/o sugar

* Water

* Rum and coke (without sugar again!!) is a safe bet in the bar.



* Japanese: we’re not only talking about sushi here,

* Greek

* Georgian

* Middle-Eastern

* Finnish: go on, shoot me! The Finnish cuisine has been criticised by many, but I dare to disagree. It’s delicious!



* red

* white

* navy blue

* turquoise

* nude


Things to do

* drink tea and mess around with friends

* read anything and anywhere.

* study: anything. It might sound crazy, but I love learning new things, not only languages.

* pilates & yoga

* still my curiosity and get inspired


Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart.

I agree a girl can never have too many shoes or books, lol.

I'm loving your blog.

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Zsuzsi said...

Thanks for the comment :) More shoes (and boooks) to the people says I...