Sunday, 14 March 2010

Crazy Ideas

The words people use to describe me usually sound very alien to myself. A friend once said that I had loads of self-discipline and motivation. Me? Haha, no way. What usually happens is that my brain is invaded by totally crazy ideas, and I always want to try them out. Normally I don't even get half way before another impulse is playing havoc with my mind. But as I usually aim high and get halfway, there tend to be some results as well.
Well... I just had yet another one of those ideas. I'm not going to say what exactly it is because according to some research people who tell others about their plans tend to be less likely to follow them through. All I can say is that it's related to studies (what else?) and that it includes a very heavy overload of work indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy ideas are the mothers of genius and invention. Crazy ideas foster the best fantasies too.