Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Thoughts On A Rainy Day

I was very lucky this morning – going to work by bike was great for waking up, but had I left the house a little bit later, I would now look like a drowned cat. Christmas is over, finally. I say “finally” because this year I didn’t really get into the Christmassy mood. Now I just want to focus on next year and all the challenges it will bring.


One thing I’ve thought about a lot lately is passion, and the things that I love doing.

One of the ways to figure out your passion is to take a close look at what you do in your spare time, what do you do when you have the freedom to choose your activities?

This year has been a bit crappy, but one of my personal successes has been the incorporation of passions into my daily life. This is something I intend to hold on to next year, as well.


Another topic altogether is the Finnish presidential election that will take place in January. Deciding whom to vote for is important and far from easy, so it has been on my mind a lot lately. There are several candidates, some of them better than others. The question is: do I vote for the person who best represents me and my values/opinions, or do I vote for someone else in order to try to make sure that the “enemy”* won’t be elected? The deal breaker seems to be the European Union. Many voters have expressed their disillusion with the EU and there seems to be a sentiment that Finland has somehow been used by the EU to cover for the mess created by others.



* enemy is a strong word, and I wouldn’t really consider any of the candidates my enemy. Here I refer to opinions and values that I disagree with.

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