Friday, 9 December 2011

Purple Food

Hello, friends. I thought I’d share an interesting recipe with you. It all started when I was googling “Dukan galette”. The Dukan galette is a a sort of pancake, which is rich in protein while keeping the carbs down. The main ingredients are quark, egg(whites) and some bran. Now, in order to add some colour to life, I decided to throw some frozen blueberries in the mix.



It tasted like blueberry-flavoured omelet. Fortunately a couple of spoons of natural yoghurt and some muesli (and more blueberries) made this purple pancake a bit more edible.


(I was so excited about this that I forgot one very essential fact – I don’t know how to make pancakes that look like pancakes, hence the scrambled pancake)

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