Sunday, 18 December 2011

Getting It All Together

Beach 2012, happiness project, millions of exams (ok that is a slight exaggeration), fitness plans, food plans, budgets, travel plans… all kinds of plans.

The positive thing is that this is the darkest week of the year, so all that time spent on planning is time well spent. It’s not like I should be outside enjoying the sunshine or anything else similar. Actually, you'll only get wet if you go outside right now.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about happiness lately. I realized that most of the time I’m doing things that I like (well, except when doing the laundry). Exercise makes me happy, working (-> studying) towards a goal is a lot of fun, yoga is relaxing. I read the books I want, have the opportunity to write a dissertation on a topic I find fascinating. Even work is interesting most of the time.  I’m also surrounded by people who care for me, and for whom I care in return.

It’s important to keep this mind when embarking on all those various projects. Even though doing and moving forward is a lot of fun, it does not mean that life needs to be drastically changed.

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Satu said...

Minä voin kyllä hoitaa pyykkisi, jos sinä siivoat puolestani ;)