Monday, 12 December 2011



So one more weekend is over. This is what it was all about:


  • This weekend has been spent with family. I don’t really see my cousins much, but on Sunday we were all visiting my grandma at the same time. Catching up was fun, although there were some awkward moments. Even my brother came over with his friend on Saturday at 11 pm… to watch football!
  • My body is feeling weird. I’m usually healthy but right now I’m in granny-mode – especially my hips, lower back and calves feel sore. I could almost bet that I’m suffering from some kind of infection because it just feels so… odd.
  • I’ve found someone to have a secret crush on. Apart from my boyfriend, that is (which isn’t much of a secret anyway). He thinks it’s strange that I don’t fancy any famous people, because apparently that’s what people do. None of the “usual hotties” (read Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp) appeal to me, but now I’ve finally found someone who might be a little bit fanciable. Hint: it’s a football-player. And no, it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo.  
  • El Clásico opened my eyes. Not only did I find the aforementioned secret crush, but suddenly, while watching it, I realised that a lot of old friends and people I haven’t seen for years would also be watching the very same game at the very same time as I. How cool isn’t that? I enjoy watching almost any sport – watching someone do something that they are very good at and passionate about is always fascinating, and it can teach a lot to the rest of us.  Oh, and FC Barcelona won, yay!
  • Yoga is good. I did yoga three times last week, with three different teachers. In fact, I think yoga is the greatest discovery I’ve made in 2011.  

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