Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pravda a láska zvítězí nad lží a nenávistí*

Somehow I have completely missed that Václav Havel died on December, 18th.


I don’t know if there is anything I can add to the praise, but I will share a couple of reflexions anyway.


I consider Havel the personification of the Central European peaceful revolutions of the 1980’s. Together with Lech Walesa, he is the man whose face will be remembered when we look back at the overthrow of Communist rule. At a more general level, Havel represented (not only) European ideals. He was the writer who fought for democracy, the one who openly criticised the leadership in a system, where openness and democracy were non-existent. His keywords – pravda and láska - were rather diffuse for a politician, but they were suitable for an artist. They are also words that each and every one of as could and should adhere to.


The European revolutions were not the result of a small group of people, but every country needs its heroes.



* Truth and love will prevail over lies and hatred (Czech)

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