Sunday, 31 August 2014


Autumn. Did you know that autumn in Latin is autumnus? I did not know that. The word autumn is lovely, far lovelier than fall. 

It is the season of beginnings, even though to many, it is the time when the end is approaching. The end of the year, the end of life.

The mornings suddenly feel crisp and fresh, the days are the shorter, the evenings darker. This spot on the planet plans its rest for some months to come.

Autumn is comforting. The warm blankets, the cups of hot tea. The rain and the mist and the fog. The soft feeling of wool and silk and cotton. It is comforting and it is inspiring.

I love all seasons except winter. Autumn I love because it fills me calm joy and inspiration to learn things, to turn my focus to books and knowledge. It is a spiritual time of the year. And it is colourful.

autumn. höst. syksy. otoño. jesień. ősz. осень. jeseň.

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