Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Piece of History

Now that Russia is on everyone's lips (once again), I thought that I would tell you all a story. Actually, it's not really a story, it's a real historical event that took place when the Crimean War arrived in Åland. Nowadays, there are only the ruins of a fortress that remind us of the times that Finland, including Åland, was a part of the Russian Empire. The Battle of Bomarsund resultted in the entire Åland Islands being demilitarized, a status that has been preserved to this day. Essentially, the Russians planned to build an invincible fortress in the Baltic Sea. The fortress was not completed when it was bombarded and destroyed by the British fleet in August 1854.

Nowadays, the area is peaceful and calm. There are few people walking among the ruins, which have the colour so typical for Åland, red granite.

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PorkStar said...

wow nice.. it looks very interesting. A little sad though, but the color gives it some life to it.