Monday, 25 August 2014

Feelings For This Upcoming Week

Monday again. I feel Mondays are quite nice actually, since I get to sleep in. The sun is shining and my mind is straying again in a sudden bout of wanderlust. There is so much I want to do. Sometimes I wonder where all these ideas come from.

My mind has decided it wants to learn either Arabic or Japanese (which one would you pick?). I try to reason with it, but it does not listen to me. I still need finish my Summer Language Project - Russian is left - before I can even consider other languages.

It would also be fun to test a new sport. The thing is, the job pays something called "friskvårdsbidrag", i.e. they pay certain amount of money that can be applied to (only) sports. So, it would be silly NOT to try a new sport.

TRAVELLING! We have two trips planned for September - to Vilnius and to Gdansk - and since September is approaching, I am starting to become excited. It will be so much fun!

In short, the week ahead seems to be exciting. There are some great plans with friends, the sun is (still) shining, etc etc etc.

Have a good week!

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