Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Most Entertaining Thing A Language Learner Could Possibly Think Of: Irregular Verbs

Yay, such fun.

I was recommended a good website for learning Slovak (in Finnish), so I have spent a couple of hours investigating the grammar and making observations. Making observations is easy because comparison as a method really seems to work (for the time being). I decided to start with verbs because they are essential for understanding a language and expressing oneself.

Hands up anyone who hates irregular verbs!! (and why oh why do they always have to be the most common ones? )

Here we’ve got three irregular verbs in the present tense. Again in table-form Smile

English Slovak Polish Russian
To be byt’ być быть
  som jestem N/A
  si jesteś N/A
  je jest N/A
  sme jesteśmy N/A
  ste jesteście N/A


English Slovak Polish Russian
To eat jest’ jeść есть
  jem jem ем
  ješ jesz ешь
  je je ест
  jeme jemy едим
  jete jecie едите
  jedia jedzą едят


English Slovak Polish Russian
To know vedieť wiedzieć знать
  viem wiem знаю
  vieš wiesz знаешь
  vie wie знает
  vieme wiemy знаем
  viete wiecie знаете
  vedia wiedzą знают


Also attempted some verb conjugation. All in all, there seems to be a pattern, especially when comparing Slovak to the Polish language.


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