Saturday, 6 October 2012

“Jag gör en stege av mina drömmar ikväll Å tänder alla lyktor på stan”*

* “Tonight I make a ladder of all my dreams and light all the lanterns in town”.  

This Saturday is seemingly black and white and it moves in slow motion, but in a good way. There is a certain sweetness to it, a feeling I cannot describe.

Så det verkar som om det i varje tid,
Och i alla sorters folk,
Finns några som vill bygga pyramider.
Där de själva sitter överst,
Och har makten i sin hand,
Medans dem som lever nedanför de lider.

So it seems that in every age,
And among all kinds of people,
There are some who want to build pyramids.
Where they sit on the top,
And hold the power in their hands.
While the ones who live below, they suffer.
 [Original lyrics: Mikaeal Wiehe. Translation: mine]

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