Friday, 5 October 2012

Slovak 101

OK. Now that I’ve survived the first week at work, it’s about time to start deciding what to do about the Slovak language. I’m still undecided whether I want to learn it on my own or study it at some school (basically my company pays for some language classes) – having a teacher would undeniably bring some coherence, logic and discipline into the language learning process. What makes me doubt is the fact that I could also keep studying Hungarian (or some other language), which I might be more passionate about.

(Getting up at 6-freaking-am is definitely not my cup of tea)

So, speaking of Slovak, here are some opinions on the language this far (from a completely non-scientific point of view).

The combinations of consonants are quite… well, unpronounceable SmileLearning the alphabet could be a step in the right direction!! Anyway, as mentioned before, Slovak is not that different from other Slavic languages, so knowing them helps a lot. I’ve made a little table below in which I compare some very common phrases in Slovak, Polish and Russian. 





Hi! Ahoj Cześć Привет!

Good morning!

Dobré ráno!

Dobre rano

доброе утро!

Good day!

Dobrý deň!

Dzień dobry

добрый день

Good evening!

Dobrý večer!

Dobry wieczór

добрый вечер

How are you?

Ako sa máš?

Jak się masz?

Как поживаешь?

Thank you




Good night

Dobrú noc!


спокойной ночи

Good bye

Do videnia!

Do widzenia!

до свидания

I have to go

Musím ísť

Muszę iść

Я должен/должна идти

Nice to meet you

Teší ma!

Miło mi

очень приятно

I like you

Mám ťa rád

Lubię cię

Я люблю тебя

I’m kidding

Ja žartujem


Я шучу

No problem!

Nie je problém

Nie ma problemu
нет проблем

I don’t understand

Nerozumiem tomu!

Nie rozumiem

Не понимаю

I don’t know

Ja neviem!

Nie wiem

Я не знаю

What is this?

čo je to?

Co to jest?

Что это?

I’m lost

Som sa stratil/a

Zgubilem/zgubilam sie

Я заблудился/Я заблудилась

Do you like it?

Páči sa ti to?

Podoba ci się?

Тебе нравится (это)?


Natalie said...

Learning some in a classroom setting could definitely provide a decent foundation, but I think you'll make more progress on your own. I like the comparative table you have – Slovak reminds me of Serbian quite a bit! Especially for "I don't understand" (it's Ne razumem in Serbian) and "Goodbye" (Do viđenja in Serbian).

Zsuzsi said...

Thanks for the comment.
Yeah, I will probably try to learn the language on my own, and try not to mix these languages too much. Just need to find a decent grammar book - will check the UCLA databse :)