Monday, 8 October 2012


One of the first things people usually tell me when they hear I’m Finnish is “oh, you must be used to the cold, then”. FYI: I’m not, never was and never will be. Maybe other Finnish people manage to survive the winter with shining colours, building snowmen and whatnot, I’d much rather just bury myself under five blankets and stay there until April. I bleeping hate the cold and walk around like a mummy covered in at least three layers of clothes in wintertime.

Today it was 18 degrees outside. Some people were wearing shorts.

For me it was the day to introduce…


… the gloves.


…and the hat! And it didn’t help much. (Yeah. I feel like such a teenager for taking pictures of myself in the loo. At least it’s keeping me young. And no. I’m not going to tell you where the clothes come from or how much they cost or who designed them).

Ok. So. What is the weather like in Bratislava? It changes. A lot. You never know what to expect. Bring an umbrella just in case, and some woolen socks. Don’t forget the t-shirts. And a lot of vitamine C to combat the inevitable cold that will hit you after two days.

Now to something better and far more interesting than yours truly in the toilet. Watching the sun set over the Danube sounds quite nice, does it not? Smile

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